Saving my hair

My hair journey is far from over but it has made some pretty remarkable progress. I’ve had every hair color under the sun from purple to blue to blonde and even silver. My natural hair is black and actually curly. As you could probably guess my curls are no longer what they once were. My hair was dry and damaged with tons of split ends as you can see from the picture on the left and after a month of treatment that’s what it looked like on the right.

So my stylist and I have come up with a game plan to get my hair back to its former glory. I used to have my hair down to my waist and chopped it all off on May 2017 due to the damaged. My goal is to regrow my hair to my waist. So I’ve been using Redken protein shampoo and conditioner about twice a week and the Redken PH bonder before I shampoo for ATLEAST 10 minutes. Also once a week, on one of the washes, I use the PH bonder on wet hair and leave on it all day.

In total it cost me about $100. I use 1 PH bonder and 1 conditioner every 30 days and the shampoo will last me 2 months. So it would depend on your hair type and hIMG_4890ow much you use…I’m very generous with the amount I use. Me personally, right now, pay $100 every other month to buy all 3 and around 50 on the other months to buy conditioner and the bonder. Every 6-8 weeks I go to the salon to get my ends trimmed and to retouch my color. I also have cut back on the amount of heat styling I do and been taking Biotin daily.


My next appointment is looking like Dec 7 and we are considering changing the shampoo and conditioner I’ve been using so I will keep you guys posted if anything changes and I’ll keep updating my hair’s progress.



If anyone is interested in trying what I’ve been doing here is the link to the products:


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