Autism Diagnosis: 22 months old

I created this blog as fun way to write and then after one post I vanished. I guess I owe you guys an explanation, the whopping 4 of you who follow my blog anyway, but the reason being is because of my son.

So the past couple of months have been tough. I have noticed a significant change in behavior in my now almost 2 year old son.  He was like any other child, hitting all the milestones, laughing, playful, he could say 10 words at 1 and all of sudden everything changed. He had speech and behavioral regression along with many other things that were concerning to me. I did some research talked to some professionals and decided to take my son to be evaluated for autism. I researched several doctors and found that one of the best doctors for autism in the country was a 3 hour car ride from me so I called them. It was a 1-2 month wait for the appointment. (Originally it was 6 months but I may have harassed the staff a bit.)

We took off to Westin and…

On January 18, 2018 my 22 month old was diagnosed with ASD.

I didn’t cry. I think a part of me already knew and was in denial. I knew it wasn’t my fault or his father’s fault so I didn’t feel guilty or resentful. I did fight with his father that day but not because of the diagnosis but rather because he didn’t go.

I’m currently in a state of limbo not sure how to act with my son, unsure how to communicate with him, or how to even discipline him. I don’t think it has fully hit me yet. We will have some more tests in early February just to have on record… EEG so forth. Therapies will start mid-February and March; Behavioral, Occupational, Speech, and early interventions. Which should all help to guide me.

And I suppose I will try to keep you guys updated.

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