Autism adults please read.

I’m writing this in hopes that someone with autism would share some insight with me.

Lately a topic that’s been floating around my home is if we work hard enough can we get my son out of the spectrum. My sister found a mother who got her son, after much hard work, out of the spectrum. I myself don’t know if I even believe that it’s possible. I’m aware that unfortunately the world and society we live in doesn’t change to accommodate different but rather we have to change to fit in. So i know to a certain degree I have to prepare my son to live in the “real” world but at what point am I “hurting” him.

Someone wrote a beautiful article where they talked about autism and acting normal as learning a second language. So I speak 2 languages and I speak my 2nd more than my first to the point of I now speak my first incorrectly but I can still speak it. So when you “leave the spectrum” do you leave it and “normal” becomes your first language or do you just learn enough to fake it and make the quota for being considered “normal”? If that is the case does doing this hurt you in anyway?

Yes I want to help my son the have most “normal” life he can but I don’t want to force him or strip him of who he is, of things that feel natural to him if it does him good. If he is able to get rid of some things… great… if by getting rid of them will cause him some sort of discomfort or pain then… the world can shove it.

If any ASD adults are reading this my 2 questions to you…

1. Do you think someone can leave the spectrum?

2. Being the adult you are and dealing with this your whole life, what is something you wish your parents had done or known or had not done to help you as a child?

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